Author – Youtuber – Teacher

Anna Finch lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she works as a teacher of English and Humanities by day and as a writer by night. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies with a major in Literature and Law and a Master of Teaching secondary. 

Voiceless, her debut novel has won the Firebird July 2022 Award in Mythology. After participating in NANOWRIMO, she discovered she could write a novel and decided to just go for it—she hasn’t looked back since. She hopes that her Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel will delight Coming of Age readers and adults alike. It is a subversion of the classic The Little Mermaid story. Prior to writing her novel, she had been a serial poet and short story writer.

She hopes to thrill, inspire, and reinforce a love of reading in all who pick up her work.

For more information about Anna Finch’s current projects click on the links below:

Voiceless (Book 1)

Unspoken (Book 2, Voiceless Sequel)